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Tip #5: Book the stylist that does what you want!

If there’s a particular style you want … examples: Boho braids, Old Hollywood Glam Waves, Romantic Updos, High Pony, Low Pony, High Bun, just to name a few - find a stylist that do those well. Do your research, scope out their IG, see their portfolio, or even ask them directly. It’s nice to know that you’re confident that the stylist you choose knows what they are doing, can execute the style you want, and can repeat it again for your wedding day. Now I’d say majority of the stylists I follow around DC here are very, very versatile and practically can whip out any style! I’ve seen so many, many amazing things going on that are so inspiring! So if you couldn’t book with me because I’m already booked, I am always happy to recommend and refer some majorly talented few in the area (DC, MD, VA)!

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