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Tip #19: How to prep for my trial with Simply Done.

Here a few things to know before we meet!

1. Start gathering a few photos of styles you love in a separate album on your phone. Over time, you’ll notice a trend to the styles you naturally gravitate to. This will surely help narrow down the details to the design for your own look/style.

2. Make sure the majority of those photos are of hair color closest to your own. This will help in meeting expectations in terms of design of the overall look.

3. Come with clean, dry hair. Whether you wash the night before or the morning of your trial, CLEAN is most preferred. (The Myth of “Day old or Dirty Hair holds styles better for updos” is exactly that. a myth. After a day or 2 the roots/base of your hair will naturally secrete oils that can weigh down the over all look and appearing more flat when trying to create volume and texture. Even if we add a bit of dry shampoo to counter that, that’s still adding extra product weight that isn’t necessary.

  1. Iff you normally add a product after a good wash such as (a leave-in conditioner) or something during your blow dry, go for it. As long as it doesn’t create a slick or oily feel or applying it to your scalp, you’re good!

  2. If you normally flat iron your hair after a blow dry, I’ll ask that you don’t do it this time. It is much harder to create lasting curls/waves afterwards.

4. Bring all the accessories, not just the hair ones. They all add something to the full picture:

  1. hair combs, pins, headbands, clips, vines, etc.

  2. Veil

  3. Earrings and Necklaces

  4. Hair Extensions ( if using any)

5. If you’re able to schedule your makeup trial the same day…. GREAT! if not, no worries! It’s hard some times to work with everyone’s availabilities. However, definitely come with some makeup on. To try and feel if the style fits you, it’s gotta have the whole package!

6. Bring your cheer team/buddy (or not!) I definitely encourage a support crew whether in person or via phone! :)

PS. If you’re interested in extensions and what they may be for, find out what they are about here!

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