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Tip #17: A 2nd Look! Is 2 Hairstyles Possible for My Wedding??

I often get asked: “What’s your thoughts on a second look, pinning my hair up for the ceremony and letting it down for the reception?”

YES, It’s very doable! ( I would dare say most stylist wouldn’t see that as a problem.)

The followup question I usually get is “Is there a way for you to pin the upstyle so that one of my bridesmaids can let it down?”

The answer to that is also YES!

Now here’s where the some issues may lie: 

If you choose NOT to hire your stylist for the second look because there’s added costs and you decide to take down your upstyle with the help of your bridesmaids, these photos are to help show you some concerns I may have. 

  1. the curls or waves that were once created prior to the upstyle may not even resemble one after and may even have funky kinks due to pinning which you will then have to recurl. 

  2. If you plan for a half up style for the reception, you/they may end up pulling supportive pins to the half-up that might inadvertently lead you to pulling everything out. 

  3. If you ask me or your stylist to pin it in a way to make it easier to let it down later, well that might just compromise the original approach and quality of the upstyle altogether.

Some other things to consider if you do hire your stylist for a second look: 

  1. Allot some time after your ceremony for some styling. Depending on the second style, this could be anywhere from 30 mins - 1 hour. 

  2. This may take you away from cocktail hour with your family and friends. 

  3. Plan for a designated spot to meet your stylist if your venues change between ceremony and reception.  

1 If you do hire your stylist for a second look, 

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