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Tip #18: Don't Skip Out on a Trial!

As much as you want to save a little here and there or you think it just isn’t necessary,  Don’t skip out on a trial. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a wedding where I had to step in for another stylist last minute without a trial but for me, that’s only happened twice in the last 8 years.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t skip out: 

  1. If you’re indecisive in regards to up or down, here’s where you’ll know. 

  2. Making sure you vibe well with the stylist. I’m not saying you both need to hangout after the wedding’s all over but you’ll be having this person in your getting-ready room for a good chunk of your wedding day. Might as well have someone you know won’t kill the mood. 

  3.  It ensures that your ideas and the look you envision is communicated well and that you have confidence in the stylist that they will be able to recreate that same look day of. That’s just one less thing to think about day of. 

  4. You’ll get suggestions for what might work and might not work because not every bride’s hair texture, density and lengths are the same!

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