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Tip #14: Keeping Curls that Last!

I know this is a struggle for a lot of you guys. So here are some tips to help your waves/curls last a few more hours even on a humid day.  *fingers crossed*.

  1. Prep is Key!

Avoid using products that can weigh down your hair such as leave-in conditioners or heavy conditioning creams. Make sure your hair is fully dried after a shampoo and if possible, skip the conditioner.  Use heat protectant prep sprays that have a good amount of hold.  my all time favorites: 

  1. Use the right curling tool!

For some, a typical clamp curling iron works! But for the stubborn straight hair gals, I find that curling using a flat iron works best.  You have 2 metal plates passing through each section of hair vs. in a normal curling iron only one side is heated. 

  1. Spray some hold and let it chill!

With each section you work with,quickly spray the entire curled section with a strong but workable hold spray. Then quickly hold it up in a coiled loop until the sections no longer feels warm but cooled down.  Or if you have some extra time, pin the curled loop like so: 

  1. Comb Through GENTLY.   

  2. Once your whole head is done,  spray some extra hold throughout and remove all pins if you had pinned them up and comb through all the curls with your fingers for a more natural look. Avoid brushing all the way through, if you must use a wide tooth comb. 

  1. Spray your final finishing spray and don’t play or touch your hair for the rest of the day, I mean it. The natural oils from your hands will mess with it!

Hope these steps help!

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