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Tips #3: Wispies or no?

This past weekend’s bridal trials brought something to my attention:

Those Wispy Side Pieces! Chances are you’ve been in a wedding, been a bridesmaids and dare I say Prom? And you’ve had your go with hair styling of some sort. You’ve come out of there either absolutely loving them or completely despising them. And then there are those who are just unsure.

Guess what? You could possibly be a victim of a mini haircut on the day of your wedding with me! Lol

Yes, this does happen! I bring my shears to every wedding and I have countlessly trimmed so many wispy pieces in the past years. But you’re like “Wait, what?”

You’ve been growing out your hair for the past several months in hopes that your hair is long enough for the style you want but majority of the time, you forget that those face framing layers you had done has also grown long too.

So here’s the tip! If those wispy pieces in the up styles and down styles you’re dreaming of are a definite yes for you, have your hair cut with those face framing pieces prior to your trial. It’s a great way to see once styled where they land. We can collectively decide whether you want some even shorter or grow them out from there. (Then, of course, have them trimmed again prior to your wedding).

I suggest layers starting from below the chin going down and blending into the length of your hair.

If you don’t actually want to commit to those pieces just yet, come to the trial and we can play around with what works and come day of, we’ll do a little snip snip!

Did that spark another question for you? Ask me anything! :)

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