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Tip #9: Waves & Curls: What's the Difference?

For my all down/ half down style-loving ladies:

One of the questions I ask my brides-to-be is what type of curls do you like?

Sometimes when we look at inspo photos, our eyes may be drawn to those beautiful designs where the half-up starts or the pretty combs/clips/florals are placed, we don’t tend to pay attention to the type of waves or curls that are created.

Here are 3 different types of curl/wave. All using a 1” curling iron and done up in a simple half up half down to showcase each type of curl or wave. Adjacent to each is a brushed, smooth look of the same curls/wave created.

  1. Classic Barrel Curls

  2. Beach Waves

  3. Wand Waves

Which type of curls/waves is your favorite?

Don’t forget to save this post to show your stylist during your trial! :)

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