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Tip #7: Unveiling the truth about Veils!

As the times have changed, veils are one of those bridal look pieces that have become not necessarily a must anymore. And when they do wear one, no one ever wears it to cover their faces and unveil themselves later at the end of an aisle, like some sort of prize. In the past few years, more and more brides are opting out of topping off their bridal style with all that sheerness. But if you do decide the veil is a must or is something you plan to just use for the ceremony or for pictures only, placement is something to think about:

If you plan on a wedding hair style that is low in the back with gorgeous details - such as a low, bun, low ponytail, etc. - you have 1 of 2 ways to wear it.

Pinning it right above the bun or pony - ( about mid-height) like these:

Or you can opt for under the style from beneath so that the style isn’t covered and still visible, like these:

If you plan to wear your hair all the way down or half up/half down, the veil is typically pinned right above the half up begins ( again, usually mid-height).

For those using a longer veil, such as a cathedral length, with a long train: Ideally, those are pinned at the crown so that the train doesn’t gather as you walk down the aisle. Like this:

One last tip:

The hair comb attached to veils come mostly in 2 ways, a plastic prongs comb or a metal looped comb. My preference would be metal loop. Those loops allow bobby pins to loop through and secure your veil even better, especially for those windy days or on the beach breeze.

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