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Tip#4: "Up or Down? I can't decide!"

Don’t worry! This is a very common fork in the road bride’s come to when deciding on their wedding hairstyle! Sometimes, this decision still isn’t quite made until the day of the wedding! You’d be shocked to know how many times a bride of mine had adamantly wanted an up style, tested it during their trial and come day-of, tells me they want it down. When you have a trial with me, know that you get a chance to try them both if you want. I usually will have you test an up style first (as I know up styles are pinned securely and will stay) and then have you walk out of the trial with a down style to wear and test out throughout the day. Here are my top 3 things to consider when deciding:

  1. How do you wear your hair on the regular? Is it mostly in a ponytail? Or a messy bun? Chances are, you don’t like to fiddle with hair around your face. You like it out of the way, and if anything, you kind of know what you look like with an up style because you always do have it up.

  2. This one may sound superficial but we’re human and we’re all guilty of being hard on ourselves. If you feel like you have a slightly round face, ears that stick out a little, or a larger than average forehead like mine (I have nicknamed mine the Great White North for the size, paleness and geographic location on my face), having your hair down and around your face is a good way to give that “slimming” effect and cover any attributes you may not want visible.

  3. Have you thought about your dress? I always ask to see a picture of my bride’s dress at her trial. 1. Because I LOVE looking at different gown and it amazes me how every dress I see is truly unique. And 2. I look at the neckline of your dress. Does your dress have a beautiful plunging neckline in the front or back? Does your dress have gorgeous intricate detail sleeves? Is it a one-shoulder? These matter in whether you want hair up or down to showcase those details and/or to what side your hair should lay if it’s one-shoulder.

And remember, you’re welcome to try both at your trial. That’s what the trial is for :)

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