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Tip #16: Updos: The Front Side of It All.

I know you’ve seen enough of the styles from the backside of heads lately so I wanted to show you some front styling options too. 

These 4 front styles can be applied to both up or down styles! If anything, the front is probably the most important part of your hairstyle. When you look at yourself, you want to feel like yourself. Photos of you are primarily of the front of you. Any closeups of the back of your hair occur during your getting ready photos, bride/groom portraits and/or a quick shot down the aisle. 

So let’s focus on the front for just a second, Head over to my stories to see my tips for these styles, what face shapes they work best on and which ones hides or accent certain features.

Yes, I forgot Tuesday Tips again. So here’s Wednesday Tip!

PS: I wore my favorite PJs for these😊

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