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Tip #13: Scrunchies, Elastic Ties, Hair Bands - What's the difference?

As we’re spending most of days home and in yesterday’s PJs (oh, just me?), your hair has also been worn in one of 2 ways, messy bun or a ponytail - and not even the cute looking ones.

So if you’ve been using these…. And I hope not these…. It’s time to switch to these…

Why, you might ask!??

Those elastic bands and especially rubber bands tend to break hair easily. Ever pull your hair out of a top knot/messy bun with those things? Did 10 strands of hair come with it? Well, fear not. It’s way less likely to happen with scrunchies, coil/spiral hair ties and fabric hair bands. Secondly, elastic bands stretch out quickly over time. So save them for the scarf/bandana face masks and get the others.

I will say though, I personally can’t pull off the scrunchy look so I opt for the coiled/spiral hair ties. They never leave odd kinks in my hair or ruin waves I had done even after a ponytail or a messy bun. And just when you think you stretched them out, leave them out overnight and they bounce back to it’s original size!

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