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Tip #12: The Bigger the Hair... Let's Talk VOLUME.

This week I’ve got another non-bridal tip!

This ones for my girls who’s #1 goal is VOLUME!

I totally get it. That’s mine too! I naturally have stick straight, moderately thick hair that weighs down quickly. Cue in humidity and it’s flat against my head in 2 seconds.

Here are some tips for a quick blowdry and steps/products to ensure your voluminous style is long lasting for those with stubbornly straight, flat hair.

  • Using the right products for the right parts of your hair.

I prefer using a mousse-based volumizer at the roots and a spray or creme towards my ends for unruly, or dried ends. Apply to damp hair.

  • Rough dry saves you time. Dry mid-shaft and ends until your hair is about 70% dried.

  • Here’s the most important step of them all. Now flip your hair upside down and blow dry the rest, paying close attention to your roots. You are redirecting your hair to dry in an upward fashion so that when you flip it back over the roots are sticking up and out.

  • But don’t forget the COOL SHOT BUTTON! Run the dryer throughout with cold hair to lock it in. When your hair no longer feels warm but completely cool, You’re done! Section and spray a texture spray or a bit of a hold spray towards the roots. Now flip it back over and round brush the ends a bit.

  • Optional: Teasing aa little at the crown or areas of your more stubborn areas help too. Focus on the roots mainly.

  • Now styles as you normally would, wear it straight or curl for a more voluminous look.

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