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Tip #11: The answer isn't always Dry Shampoo!

So in light of the situation, (damn you Corona!) I’m finally taking a break from tips relating to brides only. With basically every spring and already some summer weddings cancelled/rescheduled, it’s kind of a downer for me personally to be talking about it all.

So this week’s tip (and probably the next few) is going out to every single gal out there, bride and non-brides!

Let’s talk about the overkill of dry shampoo everyone’s been working up for the past 3 weeks to sustain sanity or appear so for your zoom meetings. I get it. We all can’t remember the last time we washed our hairs or even turn on the water for a shower nonetheless. And the only people you might not even care to offend is your family and/or cats and dogs. So why give 2 s#!ts right?

Well your scalp does. People forget that the scalp is skin too. It lives and breathes like the rest of your body. It needs time to recuperate from the blow dries, the topknots and especially the dry shampoos & hair products. Imagine you’re putting a powder foundation on your face, the more you keep applying the more caked up it will be ,the more clogged your pores will get. Same for your scalp. You have hair follicles and pores that every time you pat on, spray on, will cake up and eventually clog too.

What does that result in? It tells your skin and glands to produce more oil and or the glands malfunctions and say, oh I guess It doesn’t need anymore. So you’ll be prone to oily scalp or dry flaky ones, respectively. It’s a vicious cycle.

What to do:

Exfoliate your scalp once a week in the shower. Just like you do for your face.

1. Using a boar bristle brush

  1. Wet your hair

  2. Apply a bit of clarifying shampoo along your brush like toothpaste

  3. Part your hair down the middle and use circular motions and brush down the part. Re-part your hair again about 2 inches to either side and exfoliate that part. Reapply shampoo as needed.

  4. Keep doing so until your whole head is complete.

  5. Wash, rinse, repeat next week.

Some of things you’ll notice:

1. Less need for washing hair

  1. Less need for dry shampoo(due to more balance of oil gland production)

  2. less itchy scalp if you were once dry and flaky

  3. overall your scalp and hair will thank you!

There’s no better time then now to “train” your hair/scalp to eventually shampoo only once a week.

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