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Tip #10: Well it’s official, I’ve lost track of my days. #quarantinelife

Here’s a Tuesday (but Wednesday) tip that’s been on my mind in light of everything that’s going on around us.

As much as we plan, there are just certain elements that are out of our control.

So this is just something to think about for this gloomy Wednesday here in the suburbs of DC.

The weather can be fickle. You’ve set a date that is quite possibly 1 year away. But even if you rely on the Farmer’s Almanac for weather predictions, most likely you’ll still have to play it by ear. Have you thought about the impact it may have on your wedding hair if it will rain? Or if there’s 20 mph gusty winds? Whether it’ll be hot and humid where torrential sweat is inevitable? Perhaps it’ll snow! ( ok, so maybe not so much that last one since I’ve seen so many pretty wedding snow pics and have yet to see it be a bad thing!)

The fact is be prepare for change, the week of, the day of, and up to the hour. And reconsider those wispy pieces on a windy day, reconsider an all down look if it’s a hot humid sweaty day, and reconsider having a winter wedding if you hate snow. Ha! (I mean seriously, Who even hates snow????)

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