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Tip #2: Let's talk about.... Extensions!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Think you don’t need them? Maybe you actually do!

Most people think extensions are used to lengthen hair but that’s not all it can provide.

  1. Fuller/more voluminous

  2. Help blend & maintain curls for those with natural straight hair that stubbormly doesn’t hold curls well

  3. Add Color/Dimension

If you’re thinking of a down style or half-up/ half-down style and you especially have fine hair that doesn’t hold curls well, consider using clip-in extensions. When you’re adding interesting details, twists and braids, extensions will help create fullness to the design without taking the bulk of the hair that’s flowing down preventing it from looking thin or see-through.

Clip-ins are what I suggest my brides. There’s no extra steps or appointments beforehand and can be applied the day of your wedding. Plus, they’re easy to remove and can be reused again and again whenever you want!

Here’s 2 of my faves I use most often! Check them out!

So if you’re considering it, get them in time for your trial. It’ll help you see the whole look :)

Need help deciding which one? Have other questions about extensions I haven’t covered? Let me know!

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