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Tip #6: Let's Talk about BRAIDS!

This ones for my braid-loving gals!

French, Dutch, Fish, Waterfall, Infinity, Mermaid, the list goes on!

If you love a good accent braid in your style, here’s the 4-1-1. The type of braid and size of the braid are important factors.

Let’s talk about 2 main popular types - Classic and Fishtail Braids

Classic French:

Classic Dutch:

On Blonde/highlighted hair: you’re lucky, any braid, any size looks great! :)

But If you’re darker hair person, certain braids stand out more!

A Dutch version of a classic braid will pop out more, as well as fishtails because of it’s intricate strands.

Now for the size of the braid:

If you like braids that sweep from the front to the back, you’ll need a good amount of hair on the sides and tops of your hair to pull off a pronounce statement braid. (cue extensions!)

If you choose not to use extensions to give that fuller, thicker braid look, a smaller braid ( regardless of type) will be your best bet and can still give a big impact! Here are some examples.

Braid Showdown: Which do you like more?? Classic vs Fishtail!

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